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7-52 Pcs Set Sewing Machines Accessories Presser Foot


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  • Use: Knitting
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Type: Sewing Machine Parts
  • Type of Wholesale: NO
  • Material: Steel
  • Set Type: YES
  • product name: sewing machine presser foot
  • foot type: Cording Braiding Grooves Pintuck Foot Etc…
  • contain 4: Edge Stitch Foot
  • contain 5: Roller Foot
  • contain 6: Straight Stitch Foot
  • contain 7: Knit Foot
  • contain 8: Adjustable Zip Foot
  • contain 9: Round Rolled Hem Foot
  • contain 10: Open Toe Foot


PG09A 7 PCS :

Application: for Leap FY811,812,920,720,750,760,780,2300
Also Fit for Butterflies, Brother, Singer, Juki, sublime, multi-function household sewing machines, old-fashioned sewing machine can also use this presser foot.

Package included:
1, connector: used to connect to the machine
2, Hemming Foot: used to selvage edging unilateral width of 6 mm, direct use 25mm wide strips of cloth
3, multifunction stitching Foot: for stitching or sewing elastic cloth, lace
4, 23mm presser foot curling
5, 16mm presser foot curling
6, 10mm presser foot curling
7, 6mm presser foot curling
NOTE: 1 connectors must be equipped with, other 2,3,4,5,6,7 through 1 linked to the sewing machine, But with just one, as is common.


PG09B 8 PCS :

Package included:

1, curling feet
2, plastic dark seam
3, patch embroidered feet
4, pleated feet
5, the edge of the presser foot (black) file
6, embroidered foot pressure
7, the center straight foot presser foot
8, invisible zipper foot presses


PG09C 11 PCS A :

Package included:

1,Guiding Device
2,Four Buttonholing Presser Foot
3,Qvercas Foot
4,Universal Presser Foot
5,Nail Button Presser Foot
6,Staight Stitch Foot
7,Cording Foot
8,Zipper Presser Foot
9,Blind Stitch Foot
10,Hem Presser Foot
11,Presser Foot Seat


PG09D 11 PCS B :

Package included:

1 blind stitch presser foot,
2 roller presser foot
3,curling presser foot
4,appliqué presser foot
5,straight presser foot
6 presser foot catcher
7,1/4 quilting presser foot
8,leather pads
9,feet nail withhold
10,iron zipper foot
11,unilateral presser foot.


PG09E 16 PCS :

Package included:

1,9 Groves Pintuck Foot,
2,Concealed ZIP Foot,
3,7 Groves Pintuck Foot,
4,Cording Foot,
5,Edge Stitch Foot,
6,Roller Foot
7,Snap on 1/4″ Metal Patchwork Quilting Foot
8,Satin Stitch Foot
9,Gathering/Welting Foot
10,Pearl Piping Cording Foot
11,Straight Stitch Foot
12,Open Toe Embroidery Foot
13,Blind Hen Foot
14,2mm Rolled Hem Foot
15,Teflon Snap on Foot
16,3mm Round Rolled Hem Foot


PG09F 32 PCS A Simple packing / PG09G 32 PCS B Delicate packing :

Package included:

1x Fringe Foot – a good tool for creating 3D decoration, stereoscopic flower and tassel effect.
1x Cording Foot
1x Braiding Foot
1x Pearl Piping Cording Foot
1x 9 Grooves Pintuck Foot
1x 7 Grove Pintuck Foot
1x Concealed ZIP Foot
1x 5 Hole Cording Foot
1x 6mm Round Rolled Hem Foot – a good tool for handling those failed overlock and creating perfect rolled hem.
1x Teflon Snap on foot
1x Open Toe Embroidery Foot
1x Open Toe Foot
1x Cording Foot
1x Snap on 1/4″ Metal Patchwork Quilting Foot
1x Straight Stitch Foot
1x 1/4 Piecing Foot Guide
1x for Edge Stitch Foot
1x Satin Stitch Foot – a good tool for dense stitch and applique sewing.
1x 7 Hole Cording Foot
1x Patchwork for Edge Joining Stitch Foot
1x Guide Stitch Foot
1x Blind Hem Foot
1x Gathering / Welting Foot – a good tool for flouncing and ruffling sewing (only suitable for thin fabric).
1x 3mm Rolled Hem Foot
1x 6mm Rolled Hem Foot
1x 3mm Round Rolled Hem Foot
1x Roller Foot
1x Embroidery Darning Foot – a good tool for sewing embroidery and darning on heavy fabric.
1x Adjustable Bias Binder Foot -The adjustable range of the adjustable bias binder foot is from 5mm to 20mm.
1x Quilting Darning Embroidery Foot
1x Adjustable Zip Foot
1x Knit Foot


PG09H 42 PCS A Simple packing / PG09I 42 PCS B Delicate packing :

Package included:

1. Stitch Guide Foot;

2. Universal Presser Foot;

3. Open Toe Foot;

4.Zipper Foot;

5. Nail Button Pressing Foot;

6. Plastic Invisible Zipper Presser Foot;

7. Applique Foot;

8.Round Bead Foot;
9. Sewing Presser Foot;

10. Stain Stitch Foot;

11. 6mm Roll of Lace Presser Foot;

12. Zig Zag Foot;

13. Open Toe Embroidery Foot;

14. Large Opening Presser Foot;

15. Cording Foot;

16. 1/4″ Quilting Foot

17. Braiding Foot;
18. Standard Presser Foot;

19. Straight Stitch Foot ;

20. 1/4″ Quilting Foot;

21. Overcast Foot;

22. Hole Cording Foot;

23. Edge Joining Foot;

24. Double Welting Foot;

25.Invisible Zipper Presser Foot;

26.Fringe Foot;
27. Adjustable Bias Tape Binder Foot;

28. Shirring Foot;

29. 3mm Narrow Edge Presser Foot;

30. 6mm Wide Edge Presser Foot;

31. 3mm Roll of Lace Presser Foot;

32. Roller Foot;

33. Sewing Beads Presser Foot
34. Buttonholing Presser Foot;

35. Darning Foot,Low Shank;

36. Blind Stitch Foot;

37. Darning Foot;

38. Zipper Foot

39.Low Shank;

40.6.Kint Foot;

41. 7-Groove Pintuck Foot;

42. 9-Groove Pintuck Foot.


PG09J 48 PCS :

Package included:

1. Stitch guide foot1. Stitch Guide Foot
2. Universal Presser Foot
3. Open Toe Foot
4. Zipper Foot
5. Nail Button Pressing Foot
6. Plastic Invisible Zipper Presser Foot
7. (A9) Applique foot
8. Round Bead Foot
9. Small Zipper
10. Sewing Pressrt Foot
11. Satin Stitch Foot
12. 6mm Roll of Lace Presser Foot
13. Zig Zag Foot
14. Open Toe Embroidery Foot
15. Large Opening Presser Foot
16. Cording Foot
17. 1/4”Quilting Foot
18. Braiding Foot
19. Rope Foot Pressing Foot
20. Standard Presser Foot
21. Straight Stitch Foot
22. 1/4” Quilting Foot
23. Qvercast Foot
24. 5 Hole Cording Foot
25. 7 Hole Cording Foot
26. Edge Joining Foot
27. Double Welting Foot
28. Invisible Zipper Foot
29. Fringe Foot
30. Metal Invisible Zipper
31. Adjustable Bias Tape Binder Foot
32. Shirring Foot
33. 3mm Narrow Edge Presser Foot
34. 6mm Wide Edge Presser Foot
35. 3mm Roll of Lace Presser Foot
36. Roller Foot
37. Sewing Beads Presser Foot
38. Positioning Presser Foot
39. No Gear Side Whipstitch
40. Buttonholing Presser Foot
41. Darning Low Shank
42. Blind Stitch Foot
43. Darning Foot
44. Zipper Foot Low Shank
45. Kint Foot
46. 7-Groove Pintuck Foot
47. 9-Groove Pintuck Foot
48. Stud Side Whipstitch


PG09K 52 PCS A Simple packing / PG09L 52 PCS B Delicate packing :

Package included:

1,Stitch Guide Foot
2,Universal Presser Foot
3,Open Toe Foot
4,Zipper Foot
5,Nail Button Pressing Foot
6,Plastic Invisible Zipper Presser Foot
7, (A9) Applique Foot
8, Round Bead Foot
9, Iron Opens The Mouth To
10,Sewing Presser Foot
11,Satin Stitch Foot
12, 6mm Roll of Lace Presser Foot
13, Zig Zag Foot
14,Open Toe Embroidery Foot
15,Large Opening Presser Foot
16,Cording Foot
17,1/4″ Quilting Foot
18,Braiding Foot
19,If You Don’t Speak Iron
20,Standard Presser Foot
21, Straight Stitch Foot
22,1/4″ Quilting Foot
23,Overcast Foot
24,5 Hole Cording Foot
25,7 Hole Cording Foot
26,Edge Joining Foot
27, Double Welting Foot
28, Invisible Zipper Foot
29,Fringe Foot
30, Holder
31, Metal Invisible Zipper
32,Adjustable Bias Tape Binder Foot
33,Shirring Foot
34,3mm Narrow Edge Presser Foot
35,6mm Wide Edge Presser Foot
36,3mm Roll of Lace Presser Foot
37,Roller Foot
38,Sewing Beads Presser Foot
39,Small Zipper
40,Positioning Presser Foot
41, Stud Side Whipstitch
42,Buttonholing Presser Foot
43,Darning Foot Low Shank
44,Blind Stitch Foot
45,Darning Foot
46,Zipper Foot Low Shank
47,Kint Foot
48,7-Groove Pintuck Foot
49, 9-Groove Pintuck Foot
50, Iron Blind Stitch Presser Foot
51, Threader

52,No Gear Side Whipstitch



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